Albirony customer support

Albirony takes customer support seriously based on the information provided. Here are the details of our clear customer support process:

Appointment scheduling:

  • Customers who request technical support are immediately added to the appointment schedule.

Appointment reminders:

  • Clients are reminded of their appointments through electronic channels or by visiting their offices (depending on preference).

Follow-up department:

  • A dedicated team ensures that the technical support department solves customer problems effectively.


  • After solving the problem, Al-Biruni sends an email containing a report on the problem and its solution and a thank you message to the customer.

On-site support:

  • When necessary, technical support personnel can visit the customer’s site to provide live assistance.

additional information:

  • Albirony emphasizes its heritage and plans to collaborate with established technology companies to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Overall, this depicts a customer-centric approach with clear communication and a willingness to go the extra mile for on-site support.